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Happy Holidays

Starbucks Workers United Red Cup Rebellion

Starbucks Workers United: Red Cup Rebellion! 

Workers at hundreds of Starbucks stores started walking off the job in protest on Thursday November 16th on Starbucks promotional "Red Cup" day.

Starbucks Workers United: Red Cup Rebellion! 




President Lynne Fox Receives 2023 Debs Award

Collective Bargaining Victories 2023

Aramark Markham Facilities recently ratified their agreement achieving a Health and Welfare Spending Fund. 

Braids and Laces recently ratified their agreement achieving an increase to the Health Care Spending Account.


1 year extension at Robert Sopers. The members received a 6.8% wage increase for the 2024 season.

Indigenous Workers of Colour 2023 Conference

Workers United Canada Council Staff Attending the Indigenous Workers of Colour 2023 Conference.


Statement on Starbucks from President Lynne Fox

President Lynne Fox:

Starbucks is Exploiting the Violence in Gaza and Israel to Attack Its Union. 


2023 Barry Fowlie Scholarship

It's Time to Apply! 

Are you, your child or grandchild entering your/their first year in College, University, or Trade School? If you or they are eligible, we highly encourage you to apply to Workers United Canada Council's, Barry Fowlie Scholarship Fund!


To download an application, follow this link:2023 Barry Fowlie Scholarship Fund application.


Submissions must be submitted to [email protected] via email, couriered, hand delivered, or mailed in a sealed envelope to:

Lisa Rosa

Workers United Canada Council

2800 Skymark Avenue, Unit 10A

Mississauga, ON L4W 5A6


For more details, please see the poster below.

Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition

The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition connects individuals and organizations with the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire — one of the pivotal events in US history and a turning point in labor’s struggle to achieve fair wages, dignity at work and safe working conditions. Outrage at the deaths of 146 mostly young, female immigrants inspired the union movement and helped to institute worker protections and fire safety laws. Today, basic rights and benefits in the workplace are not a guarantee in the United States or across the world. We believe it is more vital than ever that these issues are defended




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