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Global Lush Union

We are Lush workers from around the globe. We work in retail, manufacturing, and distribution. We came together after our own individual experiences organizing and fighting for better working conditions and fair treatment.
While we are from different parts of world, the similarities of our experiences with Lush are too much to ignore. We have bonded over what we see as the company’s resistance to act on criticisms, empty promises, anti-union tactics, and the gulf between their actions and their values when it comes to their own employees. GLU (Global Lush Union) is an expression of this bond. Together we are committed to holding Lush accountable for its actions and to advocate for the right of all Lush workers to organize without fear, without intimidation, and without coercion.
We are unionists. We believe in equality, democracy, and human rights. We believe that the right to organize is a Human Right, and the choice to exercise that right is up to workers without intimidation, coercion or interference from any employer.
We believe in the principles Lush stands for and we are committed to upholding them. We Believe that this will lead to a mores successful and more ethical company.
 Fitness Workers United
We are personal trainers, group fitness instructors, membership salespeople, front desk staff, maintenance and cleaning staff, and all dedicated members of the fitness community who are invested are invested in the health and well-being of all people working in the fitness industry.


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