Workers United 2016 AGM RE-CAP

On May 5th & 6th, over 100 delegates arrived in Toronto to attend the Workers United Annual General Meeting. The two day meeting included guest presentations by John Cartwright, President of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council; Robin Pacific, an artist who has been working on an exciting photo exhibit featuring our members and garment workers in Bangladesh; Brynne Sinclair-Waters and Monica Avero from the $15 & Fairness Campaign, and musical performances by DEYS.


 We were also joined by retiring Workers United President, Noel Beasley, and heard from our new incoming President Lynne Fox. Thank you Noel for all your years of work, leadership and support of Workers United Canada Council and a big welcome Lynne!

Executive Board elections were also held during the AGM. The following are members who were voted in or acclaimed:

Workers United Canadian Executive Board

President: Randall Hutchinson, Local 1821
Vice-President: Sandra Rebrovich, Local 2347
Recording Secretary: Susan Taylor, Local 2641
Sgt-At-Arms: Michelle Palmer, Local 152

Members at Large

Christine Parag, Local 206
Lenora Jones, Local 437
Richie Le-Catequista, Local 2742
Nina De Luca, Local 136
Daniel Kay, Local 2759
Alex Dutka, Local 753
Andrew Spence, Local 2740
David Bramley, Local 1821
Allyson Cullen, Local 154
Troy Lewicki, Local 314

Audit Committee

Hazel Cain, Local 152
Jagdeep Bawa, Local 152

Alternate Members at Large

Tracey Gough, Local 2347
Mildred Caldo, Local 206


Barry Fowlie

Attendees were also treated to a series of workshops led by our guest facilitators from LaborNotes. Thank you to Sonia Singh, Mark Brenner, and Samantha Winslow for coming up and joining us!



We'd also like to say congratulations to our 2016 award winners who were recognized for their outstanding contribution to our union. 

Appreciation Awards Winners
Cathy White, Local 153
Tom Longauer, Local 152
Reiner Richert, Local 1033
Esther Kwan, Local 136

Volunteer Organizer Award Winner

Andy Spence

Finally, our raffle draw was a huge success, with $925 being raised by members for the Red Door Shelter. Thank you to our financial auditors who also contributed, pushing our fundraising effort to $1,000!

Thank you to all members and staff who helped make the AGM run smoothly, Susan Taylor & BJ Cardy for taking pictures, and John Helson for all his work organizing the event. See you in 2017!

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