Trainer Life United

Trainer Life United is a group of fitness professionals looking to unionize the fitness industry. We are personal trainers, group fitness instructors, yoga teachers, sales and front desk staff. We understand the importance of a union in the fitness industry to advocate for and support fitness professionals. 

In 2016,personal trainers at GoodLife Fitness in Toronto voted to join Workers United Canada Council, becoming the first fitness workers to unionize in North America and creating the Fitness Workers United branch of WUCC. They were able to successfully bargain their first contract in 2017. During that contract negotiation, trainers were able to secure an end to unpaid work by making sure all prospecting time and administrative time was paid by Goodlife. They also received paid sick days from Goodlife who prior to negotiations had been adamant that they would never give their employees sick days. Trainers were also able to secure an education allowance that compensates them for costly continuing education courses. 

Since 2016, Goodlife trainers in Ajax, Peterborough, Oshawa and St. Catharines have also joined Workers United Canada Council. 

More work is still needed as there is still favouritism from management, no WSIB coverage for fitness professionals, no cost of living increases, and there are still hours of work that go unpaid for many fitness professionals. 

Workers United Canada Council is continue its work to unionize the fitness industry to get more and more fitness professionals protected and supported by a strong union. 

Please follow Trainer Life United (@trainerlifeunited) on Instagram/Facebook and (@trainerunited) on Twitter to follow their work and help support fitness professionals. 



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