Solidarity Message from Unionized Tim Hortons Workers in Manitoba

This message is for everyone who works at Tim Hortons across Canada. What's happening in Ontario is not right. Paid breaks, food, uniforms and tips are being taken away from workers. We all deserve to be treated with respect. 
Our advice is to form a union. We unionized, and if you work at Tim Hortons, you can too. When you have a union, your rights are protected. We bargain for our own contract and our benefits can't be taken away. 
We love our jobs. We are very passionate about serving our customers. We are proud to be part of such a successful company. We are part of that success. The reason we formed a union is for us to have job security, respect in the workplace, better benefits, fairness in scheduling, and decent wages for the work we do. 
Now that we have a union, we have a voice at work. Whenever the employer makes changes, they have to think first about how it will impact us. They have to follow a fair process for any discipline. We can call our union rep and organize together to enforce our rights.
Of course, it's not easy. It took us a while to get our management to respect our decision to form a union. But we know it's possible because we did it. 
Remember you are not alone. The union is US the workers. We are stronger together with a collective voice. Our employer has their own association, so we can have one as well and support each other.
Be united, never stop fighting for our rights!  
Bonnie & Cherry are unionized Tim Hortons workers in Winnipeg. 

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